London Racer - World Challenge

London Racer - World Challenge 1.0

London Racer - World Challenge is a 3D racing game
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Davilex Games

London Racer - World Challenge is a 3D racing game. It leads you to a series of illegal races on the streets of several cities in Europe and the United States. You will have to compete against other racers, that are controlled by the computer. The police will chase you, you will also have to avoid them. The right way will be indicated by colored arrows during the race. Sometimes you will be able to jump ramps that will appear occasionally on the track. Beware of bumping cars. You will be able to catch some repairing kits for your car, that will enable you to keep running. London Racer has a modish feature, Nitro Turbo Boost, that will give you an incredible speed for a very short period. You will have to use this feature if you want to win the races, since your opponents will surely do that.

You will be listening to different radio stations, based on the city where you are racing. You will see real buildings and places from those cities. You can choose between several cars, which you can customize to your taste.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s addictive
  • It feels very real


  • The graphics are too simplistic
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